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Raptor 5000 Linux Graphic Boards

The Raptor 5000 is a two-headed graphics board that supports high resolution digital and analog monitors. It supports OpenGL 3.3 and has 512 MB of GDDR3 on-board memory. 

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Multiple Resolution Support

The Raptor 5000 has two DVI-I outputs for simultaneous display on digital and/or analog monitors. It can drive digital monitors with resolutions up to 2048 × 2048 (such as the EIZO Raptor SQ2801) and 2560 × 1600, and analog monitors with resolutions up to 2048 × 1536.

OpenGL 3.3 Support

The Raptor 5000 supports OpenGL 3.3 and has 320 shader processors that allow for both fast OpenGL performance and solid GPGPU computing.

Maximum Performance

With 512 MB of GDDR3 (700 MHz) on-board memory, the Raptor 5000 offers excellent drawing performance that is comparable to other premier graphics boards on the market. The powerful on-board GPU has built-in capability for H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2 decoding with superior video playback fidelity and minimum CPU utilization.

Long-Term Availability

Like other Raptor series graphics boards, the Raptor 5000 will be available for at least five years and supported for several more years. The Raptor 5000's long life avoids the re-testing required every time a new graphics card is introduced, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

Passive Cooling

The Raptor 5000 uses specially designed high-tech passive cooling that eliminates the need for a fan, thereby increasing life expectancy.

Long-Term Customer Care

Just as important as the initial hardware investment is the promise and delivery of personalized attention in long-term, high quality, customer care. EIZO is unrivaled in after-sales support offering full customer care solutions in technical troubleshooting, general queries, software updates and service.

Raptor 5000 Linux Graphic Boards

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