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Re/Vue Mini ATC Recorder

At less than 15 cm wide, the Re/Vue Mini offers a compact, space-saving design. It also comes with industry-leading lossless compression ratios of 8,000:1 to 20,000:1 for resolutions up to 2K × 2K to significantly reduce data storage requirements.

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Lossless Recording and Compression

Video recorders record data with varying levels of quality. Many use compression algorithms like JPEG, MPEG and H.264. While these lossy compression algorithms are fine for some surveillance applications, their compression artifacts cause video playback quality to suffer. The Re/Vue Mini's lossless video recording with synchronized audio guarantees that playback data quality will be identical to the original source data. Even at a resolution of 2048 × 2048, the Re/Vue Mini can record a full 60 fps. It can securely stream a live recording in near real time to any system on the network with the Re/Vue playback utility installed, using minimal network bandwidth.

Playback Utility

Of prime importance in mission-critical applications is the ability to record screen events as they happen so data from any incident can be searched, retrieved, and distributed for investigative or training purposes. The Re/Vue Mini's playback utility supports playback on any Linux- or Windows-based system. The playback utility offers enhanced features such as pan and zoom that can be used to help compensate for resolution differences. This is particularly useful if playback is at a lower resolution than the original recording.

Recorded files can be played back on any Linux or Windows workstation and can be panned, zoomed, etc.

Platform and Graphics Card Independent

Recording solutions typically require a very specific operating system, drivers, and application software. Some even require recording and playback to occur on the same computer. The Re/Vue Mini's video recording system, however, is platform and graphics card independent, so even if recording is done on one computer, playback can be easily viewed on any Linux- or Windows-based computer.

Centralized Control

The Re/Vue Mini has a web-based "Dashboard" interface that can be controlled from any machine on the network. It also offers administrators the ability to manage and control single or multiple Re/Vue systems through a password-protected web-based browser. In addition, SNMP Management allows for easy integration with other recording solutions.

Re/Vue Mini offers administrators centralized control of one or more Re/Vue systems via a password-protected web browser.

Minimized Data Storage

Until now, lossless recording of ATC video created a huge amount of data. Depending on configuration parameters and video data type, the Re/Vue Mini delivers lossless recording with extremely high compression ratios of 8,000:1 to 20,000:1 for typical ATC data. Whereas, traditional video recorders typically only offer a compression ratio of up to 300:1, the Re/Vue Mini's compression efficiency significantly minimizes data storage.

Re/Vue Mini Compression Performance 33 x more efficient than conventional recorders Recording 60 fps at a resolution of 1920 × 1200.

Configurable Archival

The Re/Vue Mini offers local storage but also provides the ability to remotely archive recorded data. Remote archival can be configured to take advantage of existing storage servers on the network and an archival schedule can be easily configured using the web-based interface. Retrieval of data for any investigative or training purpose is then quick and convenient.

Practical Applications

The Re/Vue Mini can serve as a standalone recorder. It can also be used as a training and incident analysis tool or can be integrated as the video recording component of a broader recording solution offering highly compressed portable files and secure remote access to controller working positions.

Fail-Safe Video Bypass

Positioned between the computer's graphics board and the controller's monitor, the Re/Vue Mini captures the video screen without modifying the signal. If power is ever lost to the Re/Vue Mini, fail-safe video bypass ensures the controller's screen will continue to receive video. This eliminates the need for an external active DVI splitter.


Re/Vue Mini ATC Recorder

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