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Eizo recommends 'Screen Cleaner Kit'. See 'Screen Cleaner Kit' for more information.

The Response Time which is stated in the datasheet is the time it takes to alternate from black to white and back again to black. This rate does not however reflect the actual situation with games or movies which contains alternates in many different tones within all colors and gray tones.


To make it even more complicated, different LCD-panels have different features which results in different Response Times for different tones in varying degrees, some have small differences and other have greater differences.


For instance, a LCD-monitor with a very fast Response Time when alternating between black and white can be 4-5 times slower on midtones and changes between black and dark grey tones will give you streaking.


A LCD-panel with an even Response Time for all color tones in the datasheet can seem as a poor choice for moving images, but in an actual environment (game or movie) it can appear to be superior to a monitor which in the datasheet has twice as quick Response Time.


To state a more relevant rate you can measure the Response Time for a number of different color/gray tones and get a average value (a new concept will be introduced, MPRT which stands for Motion Picture Response Time) that reflects the actual situation much better.


For really fast movements (game and movie) you should have a MPRT rate that lies between 10-15 ms.


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TCO Displays 5 is the fifth and the latest TCO standard for displays. In comparison with the earlier TCO standards for displays the TCO Displays 5.0 has both more and tougher requirements on environmental aspects. Also the requirements on visual ergonomics have been expanded to cover modern displays. This standard represents one of the toughest certifications for displays worldwide. Displays certified according to this standard are indeed designed for both the users and the planet. Some displays are specially designed for media content such as moving images and photo editing. To ensure high visual performance of these media displays there are some extra requirements which might be used to verify this. If these and all other requirements are met the product has shown compliance to TCO Displays 5.0 (media). If all except the media requirements are met the product fulfils TCO Displays 5.0

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http://www.tcodevelopment.com (the link will bring you to the TCO Development web site with text in Swedish, please choose 'English' (or other language) in the upper right dropdown menu and go further from there).

If you have a FlexScan L997 or a ColorEdge CG210 this will happen automatically when you turn the monitor (Active Rotation II works both on Mac and PC with Windows. For details on graphics board support, please see the Compatibility page). If you have another Eizo monitor with pivot function it will be activated by the graphics card used. Almost all graphic cards have got possibilities to choose the resolution 1024x1280 for Pivot monitors. Please check under "Display Properties", "Settings" and possibly "Advanced", if no Pivot function are available, please contact the graphics board Manufacturer.

TCO Development is a company that leads development toward better and sustainable work environments for people working in office environments.


For direct link to the TCO web site please click the below link (choose your language, go to the 'Computer' section, choose 'Displays' and 'Flat Panel Displays').

TCO web site


EasyPIX and the EX1 calibrator manage certain Eizo models (the ones with a large color space) right in the hardware via USB. Certainly there are fewer setting options compared withEye-One or Spyder 3 Pro for example, but there is a greater possibility of getting correct calibration and it works more securely for example withVista.

EasyPIX provides three types of calibration settings: one at 6500 K (Web and as a general calibration where 6500 K is common: 6500 K is the standard for Adobe RGB);Photo, which uses 5500 K which is common for digital cameras;and the third setting is a manual match against a printout, which is done by setting the monitor's whiteness and brightness levels against the paper you intend to print on in the prevailing lighting which would be used to look at the printouts.
Then the actual calibration takes place automatically.This is a large difference from external solutions where most things have to be done manually, in that case with the aid of the monitor's menus or by using the accompanying Eizo Screen Manager Pro software.The automatic calibration will be the same every time, while the manual calibration depends on how accurate you are in your adjustments.
Then EasyPIX is able to switch quickly among three calibrations (these may be of any type as described above; for example you could have two that are identical but with different monitor brightness).EasyPIX also provides a warning if you have made any changes to the monitor settings that affect the calibration.
EasyPIX is only compatible with the calibrator that comes with the package, i.e. you cannot use it with an Eye One Display for example
EasyPIX/ColorNavigator does not involve the graphics card.This is an extra advantage since Windows Vista sets the graphics card’s calibration to zero during the security check (the so-called UAC or User Account Control), which erases the calibration.Spyder 3 and other external solutions make adjustments via the graphics card, besides which you need to set the monitor settings manually in order to obtain the correct white temperature and brightness.

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Click on 'NAVIGATION' down to the left and thereafter on 'Components of an LCD', 'LCD Panel Overview' and 'Liquid Crystal Overview', here you will find information about different types of panels!
Source: 3M


Below an explanation valid for our FlexScan and FORIS models.

Exampel: S2233WFS-BK

S, F or SX = Model family
22 = 22 inch
33 = model type
W = Wide
F = FlexStand fot (type of monitor stand, could also be E=EzUp stand and H=HeightAdjustable stand)
S = Speaker
BK = Black (GY = Gray)
The codes shown on the outer boxes (ie. WEDBKEB, WEDBKEC etc.) are explained as below.
W = Wide
ED = European Model
BK = Black color
E = EzUp stand
A, B, C, D etc. = revision trace codes


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