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DuraVision FDF4624W-IP
46" IP Decoding Monitor
Room High-Performance IP Decoding Technology and Multiple Camera Connection on a Large 46" Screen




Case Studies




Simple Installation with PC-Less Capability

The monitor does not require a PC to operate, significantly reducing the time, costs, and labor of installation. This also allows the monitor to be freely mounted on the wall or ceiling with simplified cable management.

Efficient Management of Multiple Video Feeds

The monitor displays the video feed from up to sixteen separate IP security cameras via LAN cable for efficient video management.

up to 16 cameras

Easily Adjust Settings

Settings such as video layout and camera control are adjustable manually using the included remote control or via the user-friendly web UI for flexible operation.

easy adjust

multi screen

Multi-screen layout options

Visibility in Dark Areas with Smart Insight

Smart Insight visibility-enhancing technology automatically detects areas that are dark and difficult to see by adjusting the brightness of each pixel, brightening images while reproducing them with a realistic sense of depth. Areas that are difficult to see due to low ambient lighting are enhanced for increased visibility.

smart insight

Customizable Event Response to VMS

The monitor's web API supports customizable integration with the local video management system (VMS). This allows operators to assign a specific response from the monitor to automatically occur based on a preset time schedule or when a particular event takes place.

Example: Automatic screen layout adjustment in response to key card usage

Day and Night Preset Modes

Day and Night preset modes are optimized for displaying images under different environmental conditions throughout the day. You can easily switch between modes with the included remote control.

Wide Viewing Angles

The monitor uses an IPS panel with wide viewing angles for minimal color shift and contrast change no matter where the monitor is viewed from. This ensures accurate color reproduction and clear visibility all the way to the corners of the screen.

wide viewing angles

Flicker-Free Images

The monitor is equipped with an LED backlight to regulate brightness and make flicker unperceivable. This greatly reduces eye fatigue when viewing the screen for extended periods of time.

Wide Dimming Range

The wide dimming range of 3 cd/m2 up to 300 cd/m2 allows you to adjust to the appropriate brightness level for viewing in dim or changing ambient lighting conditions.

High Performance Decoding Technology

The monitor comes equipped with decoding technology to ensure that the images you see on screen are true to the original source data.

Secure Investment with Wide Range of Camera Support

The DuraVision FDF2304W-IP supports IP cameras with ONVIF Profile S for flexibility of installation and ensured interoperability with a wide range of products. In addition, it supports Axis (VAPIX) and Panasonic camera protocols for further usability.

bnr_top_ipcamera.jpg Camera compatibility details 

Sharper Images with Smart Resolution

Smart Resolution blur-reduction technology analyzes the displayed content and ensures that noise is not accentuated while correcting blurred areas for a sharper, clearer image. For images with a great deal of depth, it sharpens the foreground more strongly to maintain a real world sense of focus.

smart resolution

Optimize Camera Settings

Individually optimize Smart Insight and Smart Resolution function settings for up to 4 connected cameras in any layout. This is helpful when multiple cameras are used in environments with differing ambient lighting conditions.

Noise Reduction

The monitor includes settings to reduce the amount of block noise that occurs due to video compression.

Reduce Reflective Light

The non-glare panel dissipates reflective light that would normally make the screen difficult to view and strain the eyes.

non glare

Full High Definition Panel

Images are displayed pixel-by-pixel in full high-definition (1920 × 1080) that fills the entire screen. Images taken with a full-HD camera maintain fine detail when viewed on the monitor.

Smooth Image Display

The monitor reproduces smooth images by converting an 8-bit input signal to 10 bits within the monitor and selecting the optimum color values from a 10-bit LUT. The optimized data is then converted back to an 8 bit output signal, resulting in smoother gradations.

10-bit conversion

Clear Video Reproduction

An overdrive circuit accelerates gray-to-gray response time to just 8 ms which minimizes ghosting and blurring during high motion video capture for clear video reproduction.     


Wall Mount Option

A VESA mount option is also available for mounting the monitor onto walls or other surfaces.

Built-in Power Supply

The AC power supply is built-in so you can connect easily with only one power cord.

Safety Lock

The monitor is equipped with a safety lock that can lock it in place on a desk or other surface, preventing the monitor from being knocked over or removed.

24-Hour Use, 2-Year Warranty

The monitor is built for 24-hour use and is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for long-term reliability.



Варианты модели
Размер 46.0" / 116.8 cm
Разрешение 1920 x 1080
Видимый размер изображения 1,018.1 x 572.7 mm
Шаг пикселей 0.530 x 0.530 mm
Цвета дисплея 16.77 million
Углы обзора (Г, В) 178°, 178°
700 cd/m2
Время отклика 6.5 ms (Gray to gray)
Входы IP Camera: RJ-45PC : HDMI x 1
Требования к питанию AC 100 - 120 V/ AC 200 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Режим энергосбережения Less than 6 W (Quick start OFF) / Less than 26 W (Quick start ON)
Физические характеристики
Размеры (Ш х В х Д)
Вес нетто
Диапазон регулировки по высоте
Сертификаты и стандарты CB, CE, UL/cUL, FCC-A, Canadian ICES-003-A, VCCI-A, CCC, RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS
Аксессуары в комплекте Setup manual, remote control with battery, Power cord (China model only)
Гарантия Two Years
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