iXBT.com Original Design

The FORIS FG2421 was tested and awarded for functionality and design by Russian IXBT, please see http://www.legion.ru/news/20-05-2014/ 

Recently EIZO FORIS FG2421 was tested by technicians at the Russian iXBT portal. iXBT is one of the most popular online publications about computer technology and information technology.
The facts speak for themselves: the FORIS FG2421 won the "Original Design" award for its technical features and functionality.

Experts at iXBT noted particularly:

§  Unmatched matrix speed

§  Clearly shows the dynamics in Turbo mode 240

§  Minimum delay output

§  High contrast and detail of dark areas of the screen

§  Stylish and practical design

§  Flicker free

§  Convenient and adjustable stand

§  Perfect sound quality

§  The presence of three digital video inputs

§  Dual Port USB-Hub

§  Automatically adjusts the brightness depending on the ambient lighting


Read the whole article at http://www.ixbt.com/monitor/eizo-fg2421.shtml

PC3 Magazine (Hong Kong)

November 25, 2013

2013 Power Award 

PC World (Poland)

December 2013

Product of the Year 2013 

Clubic.com (France)

January 15, 2014

Rating: Excellent

"The Foris FG2421 is certainly among the best monitors gamer at the moment."

Original Article (French)

Google Translation 

Digital Versus

February 24, 2014

Score: 5 stars out of 5

"...the FG2421 is perfectly up to fast-action gaming, notably thanks to its Turbo 240 mode, its ultra-high contrast and wide viewing angles."


Full review

Hardware.Info (Netherlands)

Feb 21, 2014

FG2421 Video Review

Gaming Freaks (Netherlands)

February 19, 2014

7.9 stars - Superb gaming monitor!

"This screen is perfect in every way." 

Original Article (Dutch)
Google Translation

Pure PC (Poland)

February 10, 2014

Product of the Year 2013 (1st Place Gold for Monitors)

Original article (Polish)
Google Translation

tbreak Media (UAE)

 January 26, 2014

Score: 8.6 Good

"A-class monitor that is perfect for any kind of gaming, with a wealth of customizable settings to ensure you’re getting the very best picture quality."


Read full review

PC Games Hardware (Germany)

October 30, 2013

Top Technology

"The FG2421 is unprecedented in the gaming world in very high contrast and fluid image with a long warranty."

Original article (German)
Google Translation

PCtipp (Switzerland)

January 2014

Rating: 4.5 / 5

"Conclusion: Eizo's FG2421 is through and through a top model, and with a street price of 649 francs not cheap. But it is worth every cent due to its excellent features, image quality, operation and the 5-year warranty."

Original Article (German)
Google Translation

Gamesnack (Belguim)

December 29, 2013

Rating: 80%

"The question was whether the screen makes a tangible difference to a non-pro-gamer. We can not emphasize this enough, we are not pro-gamers, but the difference is huge."

Original Article (Dutch)
Google Translation

Player Magazine (Germany)

January 2014

Rating: Excellent

"With the FORIS FG2421, EIZO succeeded in brilliant performance for a gaming monitor which in conjunction with a normal gaming PC is really worth its price and sets the standard for high-speed gaming."

Gameswelt (Germany)

November 22

Rating: 9.5 / 10

"The EIZO FORIS FG2421 provides none other than THE screen for players."

Original article (German)
Google Translation

Chip Online (Germany)

November 14

Rating: 93.6% / 5 stars

"The Eizo Foris FG2421 proves to test as an excellent monitor for gamers, but also benefits all other users with extremely high image quality."

Original article (German)
Google Translation

ExtraHardware (Czech Republic)

November 14, 2013

We Want It!  Award

"Foris FG2421 as a gaming monitor clearly scores. It succeeded in almost everything a player could want…"

Original article (Czech)
Google Translation

Xtreme Hardware (Italy)

November 12, 2013

Gold award 4.5 stars

"With the 240 Turbo, the FG2421 is the new benchmark for gaming. That's it!"

Original article (Italian)
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November 07, 2013

"The overall gaming performance of the Eizo FG2421 was very good and we were pleased with what we saw. ...Being the first VA 120Hz model on the market is also an achievement and clearly it can offer some advantages over TN Film panels. "

Pure PC (Poland)

November 05, 2013

Recommended 4.5/5 stars

"The VA panel in EIZO FORIS FG2421 gives one important advantage over the monitors equipped with a TN - five times better contrast. A big surprise in the new model is also the level of ghosting, which is low, even in comparison with IPS."

Original article (Polish)
Google Translation

01net (France)
GameStar Magazine (Germany)

October 30, 2013

Platinum Award - 95/100

"EIZOs FG2421 impresses with a response time of less than one millisecond and the innovative 240-Hz mode as the fastest games TFT ever. Thanks to VA-Panel very good overall image quality."

EIZO FORIS FG2421 review

By Thomas Ytterberg

31 Oct, 2013


" EIZO FORIS FG22421 is an outstanding gaming monitor that doesn't compromise on the colors.”   


EIZO FORIS FG2421 receive the "Highly Recommended Award 2013" by Danish Flatpanelshd.com

EIZO FORIS FG2421 review

By Rasmus Larsen

30 Oct, 2013

Highly Recommended Award 2013

" You'll want this monitor if you're a gamer! Even if you're not a gamer the EIZO FG2421 offers great picture quality. We can highly recommend the EIZO FG2421.”  

" And it delivers. After having examined the monitor for a few weeks we have found that it has excellent gaming performance, while maintaininh great picture quality. This is an important step forward for gaming monitors, and we think that it is fair to call it a small revolution in gaming monitors. Picture parameters, such as very deep black, good color reproduction, excellent response time, and near-zero input lag makes FG2421 the complete package, unless you're specifically looking for a monitor to satisfy photographers and graphic needs. If so the FG2421 is not for you, and it never claimed to be, but if you're a casual photographer and edit graphics from time to time, we think you will find the FG2421 more than adequate. Allround users don't need to fear.”  



EIZO FORIS FG2421 receive overall score 10 from Australian GamersPad

EIZO FORIS FG2421 review

By Agus Berry

30 Oct, 2013


" The FORIS FG2421 monitor is the new leader in the gaming market. It supports a high 240Hz refresh rate on a excellent quality VA panel, making the perfect combo for gaming performance and quality. The best monitor gamers can buy.”  


Eizo EV2436W received the 'Highly Recommended Award 2013' by Danish flatpanelshd.com

EIZO EV2436W (flicker-free) review

By Rasmus Larsen

July 9, 2013

Highly Recommended Award 2013

“I spend many daily hours in front of a PC monitor and I have experienced issues such as eyestrain myself. I never experience headaches. My problems were worst during the CRT days but I still suffer at times today with LCD monitors. What I have found after several weeks of use is that EIZO EV2436W actually works. It improved my viewing comfort. During the period I experienced less eyestrain after prolonged use, despite several days with far too few hours of sleep. It was so noticeable that I am considering replacing my two current monitors."


" All in all, EIZO EV2436W a lovely monitor. Picture quality and the flicker-free technology was a joy - at least for me. We think you should try to see if it works for you, too. We can warmly recommend the EIZO EV2436W.” 

PRAD Inside Display Technologies (Germany)
Original article (German)
Google Translation

December 3, 2012

Overall Rating: Very Good (5 stars out of 5)

"Because of its attractive design without frills the Eizo EV2436W [is] ideally integrated into any work environment."

PC Pro (UK)

November 27, 2012
PC Pro Recommended (4 stars out of 6)

"Sensible power-saving options, great build and solid image quality make this a solid business purchase."

Tec Channel

Original Article in German
Google Translation

November 16, 2012

Editor's Choice Award

"The image quality in all situations [are] of very high quality. There is also a very solid and comfortable design. All in all, an remarkable office [counterpart], with which [we] can easily imagine a long-term relationship."

NativeDigital (UK)

November 16, 2012


"The calibrated image on the ColorEdge CX240 was everything I’ve come to expect from a ColorEdge screen. Truly neutral greys, smooth gradients, accurate colours and detail all the way into the shadows and highlights."

Hardware.info (UK)

November 28, 2012

Silver Award

"Eizo, known for making high-end professional monitors for graphical designers and office use, proves it can also make an outstanding gaming monitor with the Foris FS2333."

PRAD Inside Display Technologies

November 19, 2012

Overall Rating: Very Good (5 stars out of 5)

"With the Foris FS2333, Eizo has developed a highly interesting monitor especially for gamers. Here, the capabilities of the monitor are not only impressive when reading the specifications, but also in practice."

Original Article in German
Google Translation

November 14, 2012

"...the Foris FS2333 is equipped with the famous overdrive technology. This allows for a reaction time of up to 3.4 ms, making it the fastest IPS panel..."

FlatPanels HD (Denmark)

November 7, 2012

Highly Recommended Award 2012

“Eizo continues to be one of our monitor darlings. Eizo’s attention to detail is highly appreciated and FS2333 is just a great IPS monitor. It is as simple as that.”

PC World (Poland)

November 2012

Editor’s Choice

“If you are looking for good and not too expensive universal monitor for multimedia, games, but also for work, the EIZO FORIS FS2333 is a good choice.”

Ingame (Germany)

October 12, 2012

Editor’s Recommendation

“You can’t get more image quality for your money.”

PC Go (Germany)

October 11, 2012

Rating: Very Good

“With its good image quality and the clever "Smart Insight" feature, the Eizo Foris FS2333 is interesting for players who do not need 3D and 120 Hz.”

Chip Online (Germany)

September 11, 2012

#1 Monitor 23'' and under

”With the best image quality in the test, excellent ergonomics and great features of the Eizo Foris FS2333 secures the top position in the TFT-best list to 23 inches.”

2012-11-15 FS2333 highly recommended by Flatpanels.dk

Flatpanels.dk wrote :

Flatpanels.dk wrote:
+ IPS panel and picture quality
+ Color accuracy
+ Almost zero input lag
+ Reduced dirty screen look

+ Price

Read the whole test at flatpanel.dk here

Source: by Rasmus Larsen November 7, 2012 - flatpanels.dk

2011-12-15 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2332 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no

hardware.no wrote (translated from Norwegian):
+ Excellent image quality
+ Good black level
+ Anti glare panel
+ Good connectivity

Read the whole test at hardware.no here (in Norwegian)

Source: Editorial by Jørgen Elton Nilsen December 8, 2011 17:21  - hardware.no

2011-11-22 Eizo FORIS FS2331 received two awards by Swedish 'Tidningen FOTO'

'Tidningen FOTO' wrote (translated from Swedish):


"Yes, FORIS FS2331 does very well for photo interested in where it also can serve as a very skilled gaming monitor as well as for video, this thanks to its deep blacks, high contrast and flexible presets. In fact, FORIS FS2331 also will do quite well for professionals and photo editing as long as you stay within the narrower sRGB color space. But then we highly recommend that you supplement with a calibrator such as the Spyder 3 or Eizo Easy PIX."


  • Impressive deep blackness
  • High contrast
  • Remote control
  • Nice grayscales in the sRGB-mode
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Price

Read the whole test here (in Swedish only)!

Source: www.tidningenfoto.se 10/2011, Petter Hammarbäck

2011-11-22 Eizo FORIS FS2332 scored 9 out of 10 by US GameFront!

GameFront wrote:

"Once you get the monitor on, you’ll be blown away by how clear the images and colors are."

"The blacks are extremely dark, and the images are razor sharp. Color reproduction on the FS2332 blows away every TN panel I’ve ever used, and even surpasses my MVA panel in that regard."

"The folks at EIZO told us that they were targeting the monitor at the real-time strategy market, so I spent a ton of time with games like Starcraft 2, Company of Heroes, and other RTS favorites. Throughout those sessions, the monitor couldn’t have performed any better. There was no visible ghosting, no lag, and the images were crisp and attractive."

"With the RTS stuff out of the way, I decided to push the limits of the overdrive system by playing Battlefield 3 through the FS2332. Once again, it had no issues with ghosting, and the gorgeous environments created by the Frostbite 2 engine were almost popping off the screen. MMOs and even Minecraft presented no challenges for this monitor. Pretty much every gaming experience I had was thrown at it, and the FS2332 simply shook them off and kept looking amazing."

"Overall, the FORTIS FS2332 impresses at almost every turn. It’s a well-built device that incorporates plenty of technology, and looks awesome to boot. It may seem a bit pricey, but monitors are like anything else, you always seem to get what you pay for. You certainly won’t have any reason to regret owning this monitor, unless it’s that you never want to stop staring at it."

Read the whole review here!

Source: www.gamefront.com November 21, 2011, Ron Whitaker

2011-10-26 Eizo FORIS FS2332 awarded by Danish flatpanels.dk!

flatpanelshd.com / flatpanels.dk wrote:

"I must say that I am a bit impressed with FS2332 here, as I did not expect a product in this price range to offer such accurate picture characteristics out-of-box. It clearly shows that Eizo has taken advantage of their expertise in monitors for the cheaper Foris line-up."

"We very surprised to find that even out-of-box picture quality was great – and surprisingly good for a monitor with such a low price tag."

"After calibration we managed to improve color accuracy further but I am sure that most users will be more than satisfied with Eizo’s pre-calibrated settings." 

"The Eizo FS2332 has already been a popular choice for some Starcraft 2 gamers and we can understand why. IPS based monitors, such as the FS2332, are great performers in strategy games. The picture quality and color accuracy is superior to the cheaper TN panels. And even though FS2332 is not 100 % on par with 120 Hz TN panels, I would imagine that most gamers will prefer the better picture quality on an IPS panel compared to the cheaper TN panel."

+ IPS panel and picture quality
+ Color accuracy
+ Price
+ Low motion blur and no overdrive trailing
+ Viewing angles
+ Out-of-box picture quality


Read the whole test here!

Source: www.flatpanelshd.com / www.flatpanels.dk, Rasmus Larsen, review date: October 26, 2011

2011-09-01 Eizo FORIS FS2332 awarded and received 'Best in Test' by Finnish MikroBitti

Amongst 11 tested models from different manufacturers, EIZO FORIS FS2332 won 'Best in Test'!

mikrobitti.fi wrote (translated to English):

"This new model uses a new more affordable IPS panel, the image quality is superior compared to other screens."

"... no delay at all is visible in rapidly moving images, this display is a good fit for game and film use.."

"The on screen display menu can be reached with the included remote, making it easy to navigate the menu."

"The image quality, viewing angles, and remote control brings Eizo FS2332 to the top placement in the test."

Source: mikrobitti.fi, 08/2011

2011-06-10 Eizo SX2762W received the 'Highly Recommended Award 2011' by Danish flatpanelshd.com

Read the whole test here! (In English)

Read the whole test here! (In Danish)

flatpanelshd.com wrote:

"...you get exemplary ergonomic features with a very flexible stand."

"Picture quality on SX2762W is extremely accurate and the predefined sRGB preset is almost perfect.."

"SX2762W has no problems with backlight bleeding or clouding either and shadow detailing was pretty much perfect."

"All in all I am extremely pleased with the SX2762W and the two smaller 24” SX2462W and 22” SX2262W models should provide you with just as impressive picture characteristics. Eizo SX2762W actually showed some characteristics of the much more expensive and professional Eizo ColorEdge monitors in some areas, and that makes the SX range a perfect companion for photography and graphical applications. Therefore I have no doubt that it deserves our Highly Recommended Award."

Source: flatpanelshd.com, by Rasmus Larsen - 09 June 2011

2011-03-23 SX2762W Best in Test by PC World Norway.

PC World Norway wrote:

"The monitor has one of the best color spectrums that we ever measured."

"If the image quality is important to you, you never make a misstake buying an Eizo monitor."

Source: PC World Norway No. 4 - 2011 by Kurt Lekanger

2011-02-28 FORIS FS2331 Best in Test by PC Magazin

German PC Magazin wrote (translated from German):

"The winner by a clear margin is the FORIS FS2331 EIZO [...] Its PVA display offers very good performance in its color and contrast, the reaction time is [...] fast enough for 3D-shooter".

Source: PC Magazin No. 2 - 2011

2011-01-31 FORIS FS2331 Best in Test by Chip Online

German Chip Online wrote (translated from German):

"With the FORIS FS2331, Eizo offers a powerful 23-inch monitor that is suitable both for professional image editing and for gaming. Top image quality, fast response time and excellent features, the FS2331 monitor achieves the nr 1 position".

Source: Chip Online No. 1 - 2011, http://www.chip.de/news/Eizo-Foris-FS2331-Neues-Nummer-1-Display-im-Test_47029594.html

2010-12-20 FORIS FS2331 Awarded by German PRAD

German PRAD gave 4 out of 5 stars.

Source: PRAD 2010

2010-11-11 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish PC För Alla (PC For All)

PC For All wrote (translated from Swedish):
"Eizo mostly known as supplier of expensive professional monitors has succeeded real well with its new exclusive gamers monitor".
"The image quality is excellent, the high contrast enables the monitor to differentiate real dark and real bright shades.
The colors are moderate and correct rather than vivid. The blackness is absolutely marvelous even when you turn up the brightness”.
“For the photo enthusiast the option Eizo EasyPIX is available, this for less than Euro 200, a calibrator and software enabling you to hardware calibrate the monitor”.

Read the review at PC För Alla ljud&bild here (in Swedish)

Source: Martin Agfors 2011-11-12, PC För Alla

2010-11-11 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish Ljud&Bild

Ljud&Bild wrote (translated from Swedish):
"The blackness is amongst the best that we have ever seen on a monitor"
"When viewing the tested monitors from a side angel and from the above there is only one monitor that seem not to be influenced - the FORIS FS2331"
"All monitors that can be used to more image sources should have a remote control as Eizo's FORIS FS2331"
"Eizo's FORIS FS2331 has the best image, best viewing angles and the best image control..."

"The complete blackness you 'get for free' and when you have seen what that means to your image you do not want to be left without it"

+ Remote control

+ Deep black
+ Image control


Read the initial news article at ljud&bild here (in Swedish)
For the complete test we refer to Ljud&Bild magazine #11, 2010

Ljud&Bild is a member of EISA – the European Imaging and Sound Association - http://www.eisa.eu/member/33/ljud-bild.html

Source: Ljud&Bild # 11, 2010

2010-11-02 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2331 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no

hardware.no wrote (translated from Norwegian):
+ Excellent image quality
+ Good black level
+ Anti glare panel
+ Good connectivity
+ Useful menu system

Original Norwegian text:
+ Knakende god bildekvalitet
+ Godt sortnivå
+ Matt overflate
+ Godt med tilkoblinger
+ Funksjonelt menysystem

Read the whole test at hardware.no here (in Norwegian)

Source: Editorial by Jørgen Elton Nilsen November 2, 2010 17:21  - hardware.no

2010-09-20 Eizo FlexScan EcoView EV2333WH test winner in Finnish MikroPC!

Eizo EV2333WH test winner!

Source: Editorial by Jari Tomminen, MikroPC, #9/2010 - www.mikropc.fi

Go to the EV2333WH product page here!

2010-08-10 Eizo CG243W received the prestigious 'Reference Award 2010' by Danish flatpanelshd.com

Read the whole test here! (In English)

Read the whole test here! (In Danish)

flatpanelshd.com wrote:

"Picture quality is fantastic. Color accuracy is close to perfect and I experienced no problems with color graduation in our gradient tests. The backlight homogeneity was 99 % perfect and the viewing angles are fairly wide. The response time is semi-fast and I experienced no Overdrive trailing making CG243W suited for video editing and playback."

"Not since 2007 have we awarded a monitor with a Reference Award but I will now transfer the monitor Reference Award to CG243W and it will serve as a future reference here on FlatpanelsHD in our monitor reviews."

Source: flatpanelshd.com, by Rasmus Larsen - 10 August 2010

2010-08-03 Eizo FlexScan EV2333WH awarded by German PRAD!

PRAD wrote:

"... the S2433WH is a solid monitor, which will satisfy more demanding amateur graphics workers and rounds off the entire picture with high quality manufacturing."


Read the whole test here!


Source: prad.de, Thomas Thiemann, review date: 3 August 2010

2010-07-15 CG245W awarded 'Topp Choice' by Norwegian magazine Fotografi

Norwegian Fotografi (a forum for enthusiasts and professional photographers) wrote:

"With this monitor you safely can go to sleep while it will calibrate itself. You do not even have to keep your computer on while it happens"

"ColorEdge CG245W is a monitor with an abundance of advanced technology, but still made easy to use"

Source: Norwegian magazine Fotografi No. 3 - 2010

2010-07-06 The CG245W awarded maximum points by PC World Norway.

PC World Norway wrote:

"Self-calibrated Super Monitor"

"Eizo ColorEdge CG245W is an impressive monitor with fantastic image quality"

"This is a monitor so full of advanced technology that we can't cover it all in this article".

Source: PC World Norway No. 6 - 2010 by Kurt Lekanger

2010-04-12 Eizo EV2333WH received the 'Highly Recommended Award 2010' by Danish flatpanelshd.com

Read the whole test here!

flatpanelshd.com wrote:

"The new FlexStand has unique and very good ergonomic options. You can actually lower the monitor all the way down to the table."

"The black level of 0,04 cd/m2 is a small revolution for PC monitors and together with convincing shadow detailing, EV2333WH sets new standards for contrast ratio on PC monitors."

"I therefore award EV2333WH our Highly Recommended Award for graphical applications."

Source: flatpanelshd.com, by Rasmus Larsen - 12 Apr 2010

2009-12-11 Eizo S2232W award winner by Danish/Swedish graphics magazine, Digital Foto For All

Digital Foto wrote:

"Eizo has the best factory settings. In addition it has higher brightness and better contrast ratio then the competitors. The monitor is covering 95% of Adobe RGB".

"Good calibration from factory. Nice shade transitions, gray shades and nuances"
"Good viewing angles"
Simple to install"
"Eizo has the highest price in the test however it is also the best"

Source: Digital Foto För Alla, 18/2009

2009-12-01 Eizo CG243W tested by Swedish graphics magazine, Proffsfoto (Cap & Design)

Proffsfoto wrote:

"CG243W is a real nice monitor having everything needed; wide color gamut, fantastic viewing angles, hardware calibration, uniformity and stability. A given choice for the one who shall edit both photo and video".

+ Very good color reproduction
+ Wide color gamut
+ Image mode for video production
+ Handles in signal with different frequency
+ Handles 10-bit color

- No noticeable minus points

Source: Proffsfoto by Cap & Design, fall 2009

2009-11-23 Eizo FlexScan EV2333WH awarded by German PRAD!

PRAD wrote:

"The black point of the EV2333WH and the resultant contrast ratio are outstanding."

"A very good quality and the excellent performance offered, together with a fair price, give the Eizo EV2333WH top marks."


Read the whole test here!


Source: prad.de, Damian Köb, review date: 23 November 2009

2009-11-23 Eizo SX3031W recommended by Swedish MacWorld!

MacWorld wrote:

"Very good out signal, low price which gives value for the money."

Source: MacWorld, November 2009

2009-11-23 Eizo SX3031W awarded Editors Choice by Finnish mikrobitti.fi!

mikrobitti.fi wrote:

"A balanced picture quality."

"Scaling quality."  

Read the whole test here!  (Finnish language only) 

Source: mikrobitti.fi, 11/2009

2009-10-26 Eizo FORIS FX2431awarded by Danish flatpanels.dk!

flatpanels.dk wrote:

"FORIS FX2431W is unique since it has so many possibilities to connect to, such as 2 x HDMI, DVI, D-SUB, component etc. This in addition to the PIP (picture-in-picture) function and a remote control makes it to a true multimedia monitor that can be used with game consoles and film viewing."

"The image quality has positive characteristic such as precise colors, very precise gamma, no brightness fluctuations, good response time and a deep blackness. The gamers will also value that the FX2431 do not suffer from a input lag."  

Read the whole test here!  (Danish language) 

Source: flatpanels.dk, Rasmus Larsen, review date: 23 November 2009

2009-10-26 Eizo FORIS FX2431awarded by German PRAD!

PRAD wrote:

"The image quality of the high-end and contrast rich S-PVA display is beyond any doubt."

Read the whole test here!  (German language)

Source: prad.de, Thomas Thielmann, review date: 12 October 2009

2009-10-19 Eizo ColorEdge CG243W awarded by German PRAD!

PRAD wrote:

"Can you make a good thing better? Eizo has certainly succeeded with the CG243W." 


Read the whole test here!


Source: prad.de, Denis Freund, review date: 19 October 2009

2009-09-17 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FX2431 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no

hardware.no wrote (translated from Norwegian):
“With the results at hand and with additionally a super good Eizo monitor tested, it feels sad having to return the test unit. Eizo has developed something we almost would call a masterpiece...".
"This monitor is a Mekka of connectivity, as good as all types of video cables can be connected.".

Original Norwegian text:
“Når vi står ved veis ende, men nok en knallgod Eizo-skjerm ferdig testet, er det synd å måtte sende slikt i retur. Eizo har konstruert noe vi nesten vil kalle et mesterverk...".
"Skjermen er tilkoblingenes mekka, så godt som alle former for videokabler kan kobles til".

Read the whole test at hardware.no here (in Norwegian)

Source: Editorial by Jørgen Elton Nilsen 17 sep 2009 15:43  - hardware.no

2009-09-15 Eizo FlexScan EcoView EV2303WH awarded by Finnish MikroPC!

MikroPC wrote (translated from Finnish):

"Ecology = Economy"
“Not all manufacturers are fulfilling their promises, only the pioneers have now succeeded with the product of the future. Those products shows that the material used are resulting in reduced environmental burden, are environmental friendly and have reached significant energy reductions".

Read the whole test at MikroPc here (in Finnish)

Source: Editorial by Jari Tomminen, MikroPC, 15/9/2009 - mikropc.fi

Go to the EV2303WH product page here!

2009-09-14 Eizo FlexScan S2232W tested by Danish MyDigitalPhotos.dk!

MyDigitalPhotos.dk wrote (translated from Danish):

“Eizo FlexScan S2232W is a monitor of incredibly high quality – and if the image quality is the most important factor to you, you should consider the Eizo FlexScan S2232W ..."

 Read the whole test at mydigitalphotos.dk here (in Danish)

Source: Editorial by Noel Christensen 14 September 2009 - www.mydigitalphotos.dk

Go to the S2232WSEK product page here!

2009-09-01 Eizo FORIS FX2431W received the PC PRO Recommended award!

PC PRO wrote:

"...the panel is superb, that much we expected, but the Foris line offers much more on top of that. The design is aggressive, looking almost like the TFT equivalent of a Hummer with its bar and speaker grill at the bottom..."

"...And on the rear, divided into two panels, you'll find almost every connection under the sun..."

"...The 2W stereo speakers are vastly superior to most monitor offerings, with settings for balance, bass and treble, along with enough volume to fill a room, albeit with minor distortion at maximum. The added bulk does make the FX2431 a bit of a beast, but it isn't overly power-hungry. We measured a draw of 59W on the desktop, and there's a physical power switch on the back if you're not a fan of standby modes..."

"...rarely see a finer 24in TFT than the Eizo Foris FX2431...".

Read the whole test here!

Source: Recommended in PCPRO, review date: 20 Jul 2009

2009-08-09 Eizo FlexScan S2242WSE tested and recommended by Danish flatpanels.dk / flatpanelshd.com

Flatpanels wrote (translated from Danish):

“Eizo S2242W convinces me, and is a good choice for the graphics amateur, photographer or just to the demanding user. Eizo shows again that they are taking image quality seriously. Once again I award one of Eizo's monitors our top recommended award."

 Read the whole test at flatpanels.dk here (in Danish) or in English at flatpanelshd.com!

Source: Editorial by Rasmus Larsen 19 June 2009 - www.flatpanels.dk and www.flatpanelshd.com

Go to the S2242WSEK product page here!

2009-05-28 Eizo FlexScan HD2442W tested and awarded by German PRAD

"In the multimedia sector, which is the main area of application for the HD2442W, the monitor sets standards with its outstanding performance."

prad.de wrote:
“Regardless of which digital video signal is played back, the Eizo manages everything with ease and also offers excellent image quality. ".
"Even if the monitor is not an alternative for graphics workers, the Eizo HD2442W still manages to cover 100 percent of the sRGB colour space and even achieves UGRA certification.".
"Because of the input lag of a maximum of 3 fps, the monitor is not amongst the top choices for professional gamers.".

Source: Editorial by Dominik Foht 9. October 2008 - Read the fantastic test result at prad.de here!

2009-05-11 Eizo FlexScan SX3031W tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no

"Quality from inch to inch"

hardware.no wrote (translated from Norwegian):
“Eizo has done most of the things right when putting together its new top model, Flexscan SX3031W".
"We are specially impressed over how crisp and clean the white is, even at a high horizontal viewing angle. ".
"Flexscan SX3031W is a quality monitor that we highly recommend.....".

“Eizo har gjort det meste riktig når de satt sammen deres nye toppmodell, Flexscan SX3031W".
"Vi blir spesielt imponert over hvor klar og ren hvitt er, selv ved høy horisontal innsynsvinkel. ".
"Flexscan SX3031W er en kvalitetsskjerm som vi anbefaler på det varmeste.....".

Source: Editorial by Jørgen Elton Nilsen 11. May 2009 14:00  - hardware.no

2009-02-26 Eizo FlexScan S2431W awarded in Danish Alt om DATA Magazine #4-2009

"The test winner Eizo FlexScan S2431W is a pearl amongst monitors"

Alt om DATA wrote (translated from Danish):
“Here is truly a monitor where ergonomics is put to its edge - ...".
"The monitor has a very strong brightness and can favorably be used at 75% brightness where less bright monitors use 90%".
"Looking at single color or color transitions the monitor is close to perfect".

Source: Editorial by Oluf Kjærgaard Pedersen -

2009-02-10 Eizo FlexScan S2432W awarded in Swedish MacWorld Magazine #2-2009

"Eizo FlexScan S2432W - true monitor for professionals"

MacWorld wrote (translated from Swedish):
“This is better amongst available. It measures close to perfectly and gives an incredible contrast at fairly high brightness".
"The color space is extra large suiting graphics production and further calibration".
"This monitor is really good and the only tested which is evidently better then Apples. This is the monitor to drool for".

2008-11-20 Eizo FlexScan SX3031W awarded in Finnish Tietokone Magazine #13-2008

In a large 30-inch monitor test by Tietokone Magazine Eizo SX3031W was awarded 'Best in test' with outperforming results.

2008-11-12 Eizo FlexScan S2401W awarded in Finnish MikroBitti Magazine #11-2008

Eizo S2401W was awarded 'Best in test' with outperforming results in 24-inch monitor test at MikroBitti Magazine.

2008-11-11 Eizo FlexScan S2401W awarded in Norwegian PC World #13-2008

24-inch monitors tested in Norwegian PC World #13-2008. Eizo S2401W awarded 'Best in test'.

PC World Norway wrote (translated from Norwegian):
"This monitor gives extremely good value for the money.”

2008-03-25 Eizo FlexScan S2231WSE awarded in Norwegian PC World #4-2008

Twenty one 22- and 24-inch monitors where tested in Norwegian PC World #4-2008. Eizo S2231WSE awarded 'Best in test'.

PC World Norway wrote (translated from Norwegian):
“The quality this monitor shows in all aspects of the test made it completely impossible to chose any another then the Eizo S2231WSE as Best in Test.”

2008-03-11 Eizo FlexScan SX3031WK tested by DigitalArts - Exceptional picture quality!

"The FlexScan SX3031W is the first 30-inch display to offer more than eight-bit image processing for greater colour depth and more accurate colour rendering."


  • "The combination of a 12-bit Look-Up Table (LUT) and 16-bit internal processing means that the SX3031W gives a more precise representation of how your images and designs will appear on final output."
  • "Eizo’s display is also capable of outputting more colours than its rivals,..."
  • "It features the widest colour gamut in the group, and images appear with far better rendering of subtle shades and details, especially in very dark and light areas."
  • "Before calibration, the monitor’s output was impressive; after profiling, it was near-as-damnit perfect. "
  • "The SX3031W is the only monitor here to offer a choice of colour temperature presets, which helps calibration be more accurate by altering the colour output characteristics."

Source: Reviewed by DigitalArtsonline.co.uk, 7 Feb 2008

2008-03-11 Eizo FlexScan SX3031WK received the PC PRO Recommended award!

"We know exactly what to expect with Eizo monitors: accurate and vivid colour reproduction... The 30in FlexScan SX3031W is no exception, but it has a marvellous trick up its sleeve". Note from Eizo: Referring to the dual-input mode allowing two sources to be displayed simultaneously.

Source: Recommended in PCPRO, 12-2007

2008-02-22 Eizo FlexScan S2201WSE awarded best in test by PC World Denmark!

PC World Denmark: "Ergonomically this is one of the best monitors in the test".
Source: Test in PCWorld.dk by Lars Jacobsen, 22/2/2008
Read the whole test here! and in politiken.dk here!

2008-02-22 Eizo FlexScan S2231WSE awarded by FLATPANELS.DK!

FLATPANELS.DK: "Super image quality".
Source: Test in flatpanels.dk by Rasmus Larsen, 22/2/2008
Read the whole test here!

2008-02-19 Eizo FlexScan S2231WSE awarded by KAMERA & BILD!

"Best price/performance ratio"

Source: Test in KAMERA & BILD, #2 2008

2008-01-17 Eizo FlexScan S2231WSE awarded by PRAD!

Eizo FlexScan S2231WSE awarded in German PRAD - excellent performance!

"In terms of image quality and ergonomics, the Eizo S2231W is currently the best and also the only 22-inch S-PVA panel monitor on the market."

Read the whole test here!

Source: Test in PRAD done by Andreas Roth, 01/17/2008, Translation by Siobhan Hayes

HD2441W in test at Danish Flatpanels.dk - awarded the 'reference-award 2007'

Comments from Flatpanels.dk: (translated from Danish) Source: Flatpanels.dk test by Rasmus Larsen - 02 Oct 2007 

  • "Eizo is once again impressing us - this time with HD2441W a true multimedia monitor"
  • "The image quality is absolutely superb, placing the HD2441W at the top in this monitor class"
  • "... the best black image we ever seen and a perfect even backlight"
  • "The image quality and the adjustment possibilities on the HD2441W, is the goal for what we at this moment consider good image quality for a monitor. Eizo HD2441W is, in my view, Eizo's best monitor till now for the consumer market."
  • "The posibility to connect HD2441W to a Playstation 3 or XBox 360 will appeal to a important user group. Also the USB functionality enabling two computers to work with one keyboard and mouse is an increadbly smart feature."
  • "Eizo HD2441W is also receiving our monitor segment 'reference-award 2007' for its excellent and precise image quality."

  Read the test here! (in Danish only)

In a large 19-inch monitor test by Swedish TechWorld Magazine #11-2007, Eizo S1901HK was awarded 'Best in test' with outperforming results.

Comments from TechWorld: (translated from Swedish) Source: Swedish TechWorld Magazine #11-2007.

"FlexScan S1901HK from Eizo is our test vinner because it is very good streight through the whole scale of marks."

"A classical 19-inch monitor fulfilling all basic demands plus giving a lot of bonus to it. The monitor has an even brightness, very good and neutral colors and a sturdy height adjustable stand. Amongst the tested monitors, the S1901HK is offering the widest tuning possibilities, good pixel warranty and a generous 5 years warranty. This is incredibly much monitor for the money."

      Read more about the FlexScan S1901HK here!

Eizo FlexScan S2111W and S2411W awarded in Finnish Tietokone Magazine #9-2007

In a large 21-22 inch and 23-24 inch monitor test by Tietokone Magazine Eizo S2111W and S2411W was awarded 'Best in test' with outperforming results.

And the Winner Is... The ColorEdge CG211!

TIPA names the CG211 as "Best Monitor" for 2007 in its annual European Photo & Imaging Awards.




Read Article (PDF).

Eizo FlexScan S2411W testwinner in German press - 2007

Eizo FlexScan S2411W testwinner in three major German computer media - excellent achievement!

PC Professional #5-2007 (translated from German):

  • "For professional color reproduction with an even and optimal readability. The Widescreen TFT can be adjusted for an ideal ergonomically height to the user."

Macwelt #5-2007 (translated from German):

  • "High-end monitor with excellent image quality. Advantages: very large color space, high brightness, high contrast."

c't #3-2007 (translated from German):

  • "The characteristics of this EIZO monitor are its enormous adjustment possibilities including the six-axes color contol (RGB and CMY), adjustable gamma and color temperature."
Eizo FlexScan S1911SHK awarded in Norwegian PC World #2-2007

Five 19-inch monitors where tested in Norwegian PC World #2-2007. Result.... Eizo S1911SH awarded 'Best in test'. - “No doubt about which monitor who has the best image quality in the test.”

Conclusion from PC World Norway (translated from Norwegian):

  • S1911SHK (Best in Test)
    “No doubt about which monitor who has the best image quality in the test.”
    -“The color reproduction is in a class for itself.”
    -“… the image contrast is utterly perfected. Light and dark colors does not disappear, contrary to other monitors in the test.”
    -“We also would like to point out the black level of the S1911SHK – it is simply fantastic.”
    -“… the FlexScan S1911 is the most advanced monitor in the test. …. the functionality is very good referring to menu handling and ergonomics.”

    -“We decided to award the Eizo FlexScan S1911SHK as ‘BEST IN TEST’ since this monitor offers the best image quality in combination with a good monitor stand, setting possibilities and ergonomic features.”


Eizo FlexScan S2110W awarded in Norwegian PC World #2-2006

Five 19-inch and four 21-inch monitors where tested in Norwegian PC World #2-2006. Result.... Eizo S2110W awarded 'Recommended Buy'.

Conclusion from PC World Norway (translated from Norwegian):

  • S2110W (Recommended Buy)
    "Eizo S2110 is a brilliant monitor where the once
    who mainly are working with images in need of extra pixels vertically will see a pay off. Video and image editing as well as spreadsheets are typical examples of applications in need of a widescreen monitor."
Eizo FlexScan M1900 awarded in Norwegian PC World #2-2006

Five 19-inch and four 21-inch monitors where tested in Norwegian PC World #2-2006. Result.... Eizo M1900 awarded 'Best in test'.

Conclusion from PC World Norway (translated from Norwegian):

  • M1900 (Best in Test)
    "Eizo can produce monitors. FlexScan M1900 is a monitor developed exclusively with the image quality in mind. We are of the opinion that the large color palette, assists this monitor to show smooth transitions between the different colors."
S1910 'Best in test' in Swedish Mikrodatorn 2-2006 and 'Best Product' in Swedish MacWorld 2-2006.

Eizo FlexScan S1910 wins the office battle!

19-inch monitors in tough office battle. A 19-inch monitor for office usage should naturally have a good all-round image but also be able to adjust in height, swivel and tilt. Swedish Mikrodatorn #2-2006 tested nine competent manufacturers and awarded the Eizo S1910 with 'Best in test'...... but it does not stop with that! The same model S1910 was also awarded 'Best Product' in Swedish MacWorld #2-2006.

Some of the positive conclusions from Mikrodatorn were (translated from Swedish):

  • "The test winner Eizo S1910 have no weak spots."
  • "....in general this is a very good office monitor."
  • "The generously given 5 Years Warranty makes this to a safe buy."

MacWorld concluded:

  • "This is a very evenly good monitor, it has in general no weak points. The colors are real good with a brilliant and clean white. Black parts of the image are truly black"
  • "The grayscales are shown almost perfect, no banding or variations in color temperature whatsoever."
  • "A large plus point for the generous 5 Year Warranty or 30 000 hours."
  • "The best office monitor, the warranty terms by itself makes this to a given choice for a company."
S2110W - 'Best in Test' in PC För Alla (PC For All) - #11, December 2005 (Sweden)

EIZO S2110W WideScreen Best in Test at Swedish 'PC För Alla' (PC For All)

Some of the positive conclusions were (translated from Swedish):

  • "The winner with super brightness"
  • "In The Matrix (game) we got an amazing colorful experience..."
  • "Increadable brightness, good blackness and color reproduction, good warranty"
  • "Eizo gives 5 years warranty on the monitor which is real good"
S2110W PC Pro - Recommended product December 2005 (Uk)

EIZO S2110W WideScreen recommended product in PC Pro!

A hugely desirable screen, whether for its image quality, its stylish design or its features. Even the price is attractive.
If you're after a new monitor, and can afford the best, the S2110 is worth every penny.

Download the article here! (pdf 1.43Mbyte)

PC Professionell - Brand Trak 2005, April 2005 (Germany)

EIZO awarded as best brand for the fifth consecutive year!
In comparison with 22 brands

For the fifth consecutive year Eizo has been chosen as the best TFT brand according to PC Professional’s brand analysis, "Brand Trak 2005".

Eizo receives the highest mark in outstanding 11 of 15 categories and thereby the best overall evaluation.

Customer Satisfaction, Image Quality, Performance/Speed, Latest Technology, Quality/Reliability, Experience with maker, Brightness, Rating in Cross Tests, Image of maker, Online-support, Availability.

Since year 2000 the magazine PC professional in Germany annually carries out the IT market study "Brand Trak" in several product categories. In the period of September 3 until November 30, 2004 totally 2,622 persons were asked for the topic of TFT monitors. The goal is to measure the brand recognition amongst buyers of 22 monitor manufacturers.

The complete market survey (in English) can be downloaded at this link: http://www.eizo.se/assets/press/en/2005brandtrak.pdf

PC Praxis, April 2005 (Germany)


Best in test and superstar
Only a few days on the German market - and the new Motion Picture LCD-Monitor Eizo L778 achieves its first best in test. The magazine 'PC Praxis' tested in the latest issue 03/2005, totally 20 monitors in a 19" LCD test. Eizo L778 had the best test results and was awarded best in test.
"The test shows that there is one single monitor who close to perfection handles all tasks - Eizo FlexScan L778".

PCWorld Denmark #4-2005


"Eizo L578 flat and fantastic!"

"Eizo has with the L578 brought to market an excellent 17" LCD monitor, who handles all tasks without problem."

"The Viewsonic-monitor (also in the test) with 8 ms responstime was overperformed by the Eizo L578 (12ms)"

PC World, April 2005 (USA)


Top 10 19-inch LCDs (#4)
Ranked as number 1!!!
"Advanced screen settings and five fine-contrast modes make this a display for the demanding user--."

PC World, January 2005 (USA)


4 stars out of 5
"Eizo's FlexScan L568 performed like a pro on our tests, adeptly handling the flesh tones, reverse type, and small images that confounded other monitors."

PC World, January 2005 (USA)


Top 10 17-inch LCDs (#3)
March 2005
Ranked as number 1!!!
"Professional model tied the number two Dell for second-best overall image quality. Extensive controls make it a fine choice for handling demanding apps."

PC World, March 2005 (USA)


Top 5 17-inch LCDs (#3)
"Our jury awarded the FlexScan L557 high marks for its overall image quality."

MacUser, January 2005 (UK)


Recommended Award and MacUser A List
"As well as having the best range of colour management options here, this model performed flawlessly with our colour-gradation test: colours bled into each other perfectly, with no stepping."

Mikrodatorn and Mac World, January 2005 (Sweden)


With Eizo prominently shown as the ‘King of the flat screens’ the conclusion in the MacWorld test issue 10/2004 as well as in the Swedish MacWorld Yearbook of Jan/2005 was: ”The best product is Eizo FlexScan L797 which gives you an excellent color reproduction and does it to a comparatively good price. It is in a class of its own with a CRT similar color reproduction combined with all the other advantages of the lcd-technique.” Furthermore, “Simplicity, sharpness and clearness with good brightness are features that can be added to Eizo’s monitor.”

The Flexscan L797 was also appointed "Best in Test", in Swedish Mikrodatorn issue 2/2005. It was stated that "-The L797 is a great monitor with fantastic colors and nearly endless possibilities for calibration. Good ergonomics and accessories.

DisplayMate, February 2004 (USA)


2004 DisplayMate Best Video Hardware Guide
"This is the finest LCD monitor that we have ever tested."

PC World, July 2004 (USA)


2004 PC World World Class Award
"The L767 defies the stereotype that LCDs can't handle graphics work. In our tests it displayed rich colors, with precise transitions. For further picture refinement, Eizo includes its excellent ScreenManager Pro adjustment software, which (among other things) lets you specify custom screen settings for each application on your PC."

PC World, February 2004 (USA)


4 stars out of 5
"The FlexScan L767 had the highest overall image quality scores in tests against seven high-performance competitors."

Computer Arts, September 2003 (UK)


When colour control is your top priority, they don't come any better than the new FlexScan L767
4½ stars out of 5
"The FlexScan clearly offers the best quality, and its menus are so easy and intuitive to navigate. Its consistency, adjustability and 10-bit gamma adjustment makes it ideal for colour-conscious users..."

PC Pro, April 2004 (UK)


Reviews - 5 Stars out of 6
"VERDICT: A well-made panel with largely excellent performance, and a range of useful features. It's on the expensive side, but otherwise hard to beat."

PC Pro, March 2004 (UK)


Labs Winner
"Verdict: Brilliant quality with excellent setup options at a bargain price."

CNET Reviews, February 2004 (USA)


#1 LCD Monitor 19 - 21.3"
"The 20.1-inch Eizo FlexScan L885 LCD offers some of the best image quality and image-adjustment options we've seen in any monitor--LCD or CRT."

Digit, March 2003 (UK)


Best Buy
"The L985EX has a top resolution of 1600 x 1200, the same as most 20-inch displays, and even some 19-inch monitors. However, the 21.3-inch panel provides a more natural changeover for creatives used to a 21- or 22-inch CRT display."

Technology and Business, April 2005 (Australia)


Editor's Choice
"The contrast is excellent, the colours are amazing, and the sharpness of the image and depth of field in the fast video playback were exceptional."

Computer Reseller News, May 2003 (USA)


CRN Test Center
"The Test Center found the FlexScan L985EX to be a near-perfect display."

IT Week, February 14 2005 (UK)


"In tests, we were impressed with the L985EX's image quality. The screen was uniformly well lit and showed no defects such as dead pixels. We could use Eizo's Screen Administrator tool - available separately - to remotely lock down the monitor's on-screen display (OSD) menu system, and to set and retrieve asset tracking information stored on the monitor itself."

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